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Each room takes roughly two to four hours for decluttering and longer for full decoration.  Once we discuss your needs we can give you a full quote.


The number of visits required to complete a project are largely dependent on the size of your home as we touch every item in the home, leaving no stone unturned, and at the speed at which you are able to release items.


When we finish tidying your home, you will have learned how to shop purposefully, and have the skills to keep your home clean and clutter-free.


We believe for cluttercation to take effect, you need to rid yourself of the items that don’t have any benefit or requirement in your life.  That might mean a few items or more.  We will always discuss how we can repurpose items to maximum benefit either in other rooms in the house or to remove them. 


When your session is complete we can either charity your items, or leave them packed up for you to upcycle or pass on. Bin bags are provided during sessions.

will I need storage  for the session?

The purpose of Cluttercation is to help clients reduce the items they no longer need and make the ones you keep give you pleasure. 


We will discuss storage solutions in your initial consultation, to decide what is needed. 


However, I recommend that clients purchase basic storage solutions pre our visit, so that for items that you find hard to recycle, charity or bin, we can store them in a relevant place in the house, to revisit their purpose at a later date.  

will the process help with a life transition?

Putting your home in order is the first step to managing the ups and downs of life.


We specialise in helping clients walk through the major changes by keeping items that inspire their future progression.


Almost every client we have worked with was going through a life transition of some sort.


Once we helped them put their home in order, they opened the door to the next chapter of their life.

do the whole family need to be involved?

In order for the process to work effectively, we recommend that each member of the family gets involved.


If there is a family member or spouse who is unwilling, we can avoid their space during the decluttering and organizing process.


I have found that once we help one family member declutter to create calm, convenient, and clean spaces in the home, other family members are inspired to do the same.

what is the cancelation policy?

A client must cancel within 7 days of a scheduled session to avoid cancellation fees.


Clients can rearrange sessions giving 48 hours notice.


Unfortunately a refund cannot be offered with less than 48 hours notice.